Competitive Dreidel

Major League DreidelInterested in taking your dreidel playing to a new level? Try entering the World Series of Dreidel in Carmichael, California.  In this dreidel competition many contestants enter but only one prevails using a variation of dreidel with tournament style rules.

A similar dreidel tournament New York City bills itself as Major League Dreidel.

Other forms of dreidel contests include simultaneious spinning and dreidel building.  The world record for simultaneous dreidel spinning is currently held by the University of Maryland Hillel:

From Sports Illustrated Online: Come on, sing it with me now. You know the words ... Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of clay, and when my dreidel's ready, my dreidel I will play. It's Hannukah time and that can only mean one thing, dreidel competitions and while the Festival of Lights is still not over, so far it looks like Maryland is the big winner. Last week, 602 Maryland students took part in a dreidel "spin-off", reclaiming the world record for most people spinning dreidels simultaneously, which they previously held from 2000-2005. Students at Indiana and Michigan were less fortunate. Neither the Hoosiers nor the Wolverines could round up the necessary amount of dreidel spinners to break Maryland's record. But don't worry, we've still got two more nights left.

The title of worlds largest dreidel is unofficially held by students from West Island Hillel in Montreal who built a 22 foot tall dreidel.

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