A Most Expensive Dreidel

Sterling Silver DreidelHow much does the most expensive dreidel cost?  Well, how much are you willing to pay?  This object d'art from craftsman Dan Givon on MichaelUnique.com runs a cool $4,900.00.  

Of any single object, the Dreidel most exemplifies the history of the endurance of the Jewish people from destruction. The Dreidel, like the Jewish people, falls only to rise anew in strength, standing upright against all forces again and again. Israeli Dan Givon has designed this Dreidel in a powerful position standing forevermore upright, expressing the Jewish people's strength to eternally defy all forces of adversity, torment and destruction. The Dreidel is surrounded by a prayer blessing Hashem for our strength and existence.
I'm not sure how you know for sure if you have spun a gimel or a hay given the driedel's round cross section and the fact that it doesn't fall, but then the dreidel design is clearly more about symbolic reference, fine craftsmanship and good looks than about game play.

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