Dreidels Made of Clay

Even though it says so in the song, most dreidels are NOT made of clay because its brittle and generally not a resilient material for a toy.  In addition, its hard to control the shape through the firing process during which the clay is hardened - making it unlikely that the dreidel will be well balanced and have a perfect spinning tip.  There are some beautiful collectible ceramic dreidels, however, such as these examples:

Ceramic Dreidel   
Ceramic Dreidel
This hand decorated dreidel by Israeli artist Danny Azoulay has blue and white design and and a gold plated stem. Approximately 1 1/4" tall.
 Price:  $54.95 (as of 12/1/08).  Available from traditionsjewishgifts.com.

Pomegranite Dreidel  
Contemporary Red Pomegranate Dreidel
This beautiful Red Pomegranate ceramic dreidel is made in Jerusalem by Stefan Egei. Stefan studied ceramics in the Art Academy in Romania, immigrated to Israel in 1992 and lives in Jerusalem. He divides his time between creating his equisite Judaica and teaching ceramic design at the acclaimed Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. Size: 3"Diam x 3"high. Price: $110.00 (as of 11/30/08) Available from traditionsjewishgifts.com.

The Macabim Dreidel
Macabim Dreidel     
This dreidel is also made in Jerusalem by Stefan Egei. Size:2"Sq x 4"high. Price $95.00 (as of 12/1/08).  Available from Jacob's Ladder Judaica.

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