Glass Dreidels

These glass dreidels are created using a variety of techniques including etched crystal and fused glass.   

Fused Glass Driedel 
Fused Glass Dreidel
Itay Mager is an Israeli Artist, living in Tel Aviv.  Made of thick Glass, colored and textured in a special fusing technique.  Size : 1.8 x 1.8 inchPrice:  $22 (as of 11/25/08).  Available from on Ebay.

Assorted Glass Dreidels        
Assorted Glass Dreidels   
These festive and fun dreidels made of glass are perfect for playing the dreidel game or sprinkling around your Hanukkah table.  Please allow us to choose the colors for you.  1-1/2"t x 3/4"w.  Price:  $2.50 (as of 12/1/08). Available from the Jewish Museum.

Crystal Dreidel    
Optical Crystal Dreidel
This etched Dreidel by Steve Resnick is a signed work of art, each one designed and individually crafted in his studio.  Price:  $200.00 (as of 12/1/08).  Available from    

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