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Dreidel Collecting

Antique Wooden DreidelDreidels are a great item to collect.  Prices range from a few cents for mass-produced dreidels to thousands of dollars for one-of-a-kind pieces so it's easy to start and there is plenty of room to grow your dreidel collection.

Here are a few articles about people with substantial collections:

Personally, I've been trying to find images of rare or unique wood dreidels (rare, unique and inexpensive would be even better).  Antique judaica stores seem to be the most promising sources so far.  I also found a few vintage dreidels on Ebay.

I've also been looking for worldwide sources of low-end dreidels - other than the United States, Israel and China.  So far I've been able to find examples from Germany, Russia, India, and Turkmenistan - some low end, some more expensive.