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Dreidel Costumes

I've personally never been invited to Hannukah costume party - but when that day comes I've a few leads on dreidel costumes in the pictures below.  If I need a side-kick I'll dress my daughter up in a dreidel maidel costume.  I have to admit Menorah Man seems a bit cooler than Mr. Dreidel but it might just be that I find facial hair on toys is a turn-off.  What were they thinking with that "hey" mustache?

Dreidel Costume
Dreidel on Rollerskates - from eatsdirt on Flickr

Dreidel Costume
Dreidel Robot Man - from kappachan on Flickr

Dreidel Costume
Dreidel Man - from mdailey77 on Flickr

Dreidel Girl
Dreidel Girl - from pixietart on Flickr

Dreidel Costume
lone dreidel in a sea of santas at SantaCon 2006 - from sgoralnick on Flickr

Dreidel Costume
Dreidel Cyclers - learn more.

Dreidel Costum
Dorthy the Dreidel - learn more.