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Paper Dreidels

Its not hard to make a simple paper dreidel - but these paper variations show an amazing level of craftsmanship.

Paper Mache Dreidels
Paper-Mache Dreidles
These colorful hand-painted dreidels made in India are available in assorted designs and colors.  2 ½" H, 1¼" W.     Price:  $8.00.  Available from the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

Paper Cut Dreidel      
Dancing Children Dreidel    
This intricate lasercut work of art by Melanie and Harry Dankowicz is hand assembled, signed and numbered. Cut from antique white paper in a limited edition of 700 works, it features children dancing to the Hebrew song "Chanuka, chanuka, chag yafeh kol kach or chaviv, misaviv, gil l'yeled rach. Chanukah, chanukah, sevivon, sov, sov...sov, sov, sov ma naim vatov.  Comes in a rounded glass dome (5" x 7.5") with a painted base. Price: $66.00 (as of 12/1/08).  Available from

Candy Dreidels
Candy Dreidels
These paper dreidels are unique and individually hand made, therefore no two are identical. According to the seller, they spin superbly.  They are made by Israeli artist Nitzan Shmueli using paper-mache.  Dimensions: height: 2.5" length: 1.2" Weight 100 grams (3.5oz). Price for the three of them: $37.12 (as of 12/1/08).  Available on